Friday, September 01, 2006


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Musings on the meaning of life and how we go about it, the connections to the worlds around us.


Hubble Ultra Deep Field

Feel Free to Fly

SomeWhere Out There
If love can see us through,
Then, we'll be together,

Somewhere out there,
out where dreams,
come true.

In that big somewhere out there.


The old version of Blogger is slowly being ended. Some old blog accounts are being forced to switch despite the owners fear of and resistance to change. How Google determines when to target a group of blogs to switch I do not know.

This is a team blog. Several people can create posts and access the contol panel. That makes the switch different. The most important being "A team blog will only switch to the new version of Blogger when the original owner moves his or her account over."

The original owner is at least Marilynn M and may also be her grandaughter Karen and whoever Kevin Langdon is if they set it up that way at the start.

There may come a time soon when this blog is forced to switch and that could mess things up in unknown ways if it isn't done. We could get shut out.

This is just a heads up in advance. A whole new blog can be started as one option. I can attempt to eliminate the other team members. Or it may be time to say Aloha?

A Dear Bread Crusts letter for your Valentines Day. Thoughts.

Suggestions for Improvement

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Ways to improve this blog, additions or modifications.

And Away we go!
You can copy and paste from the old to continue on the new threads if you like.

Peace On Earth

Happy Holidays Everyone

I haven't been commenting lately. I think I may have political fatigue and nothing seems to want to go from my brain through my fingers to the keyboard. I have been staying very current on reading the threads.

I think the PNW has taken all the Express out of our Pineapple because we haven't had any rain since the first storm of the season. Nice and cool here now which I am loving. I am considering closing my windows at night to stay warm.

I hope you all, your families and loved ones have a Joyous Holiday Season.

Be prepared for the New Year and a New Congress.

May Love and Reason enter the halls of power in Washington DC once again for the benefit of all who share this planet.