Monday, January 30, 2006

SSB Contest

Post and discuss.


mylocator said...

This contest is status quo bull.

There is only hope outside the box.

For all you dismayed contestants dont give up hope.

The Power is on your KeyBoard.

The Internet and social networking will restore America.

The people are hungry and Need a place in cyberspace they can Trust.

No one trusts the status quo unions and there inside the beltway ways.

Jan 31 will be's 6th birthday. I purchased these domains in 2000 when I was busting my BRAINS trying to create a place the american working class could call home. Internet was out for FOUR YEARS AND NO ONE GOT THE NAME. It was obvious that no one was in search of a NAME THAT COULD BEST REPRESENT AMERICAS WORKING CLASS.


Wake up and stop wasting time. Create a blog site for the union and public. I kinda think the Seiu and all the other unions are afraid of all the skeletons that might come out. There is only Trust with Disclosure.

My idea LOCALUNION.COM AMERICAS HEART AND SOUL said it all. will forever be ready to handle the masses and allow them to truly have a voice.

Strategic Collective Bargaining combined with the social networking capabilities of the Internet is the Answer.

God Bless America and Thank God for Technology.

Americas Heart and Soul Website

When are the Unions going to Make History instead of watching it go down the drain.

Anonymous said...

This contest turn-out to be a bad ball of gas.Slicedbread just another word for fraud.Love to this bastards get theirs someday.

j. Small said...

I wish that SSB could continue the discussion, and leave the archives open indefinitely. It has been facinating. I think it would create some goodwill, if people felt SSB was not running off with all these neglected ideas.

I don't think there was time to review 22000 entries. It would be great if SSB could use what discretion they have to do some good and leave the archives and comment function open.

While they are at it they should improve the search function, it seems to suck. I have not been able to search for two terms linked by a + with out getting every idea that has one of the terms in it first. Ugh.

I don't know if they can change the parameters of the contest now (cancel or re-do) with out opening them selves up to more anger and threats of legal action,

j. Small said...

It looks like they are doing the above, sort of.

Can't access old blogs available this am.

Judy B. said...

Well now, they have done did it...
Removed our if we didn't know it was coming..
Hope everyone made back-ups of their ideas. Unfortunately, some of the revisions to ideas were formulated in different threads..

Oh, well we did it once, we can do it again.

Judy B. said...

Even though they have taken the blog off you can still access the ideas if you know the number. Just go to and add the number...

Does anyone have the blog posts by number? it would be interesting to see if we can bring them up also...

skids said...

Hrm. The "tags" they are using would have been nice to have had from the start. Here's the fun part: they think these tags are just going to allow people to categorize the ideas. What's really going to happen is people can use them to rate as well by adding tags like "sucks" or "good."

In fact, when we have round 1 results from the alternative site, I could probably automate the addition of tags to every idea on the system, tags like "round1good" and "round1awful" and that way upload the voting results into the ssb site.

Duncan. said...

Of course we knew it was coming.. but to see it still gets the blood going. They removed the blogs just before the announcement tomorrow so that all the media interest going to their website will not see the opposition to the ideas.

And of course, they put spin on the announcement that it was for improvements. We all know they can work on other areas on the website and leave the blogs up.

When you see stories tomorrow about the contest, make sure you use the feedback link on most sites to report what they did..

skids said...

Fortunately I emailed one media outlet doing a story on SSB direct blog links to some of the threads when I was tapped by them as an interviewee. They were researching this a week ago. I suspect a lot of other media won't be doing this story as "breaking news" but rather as a pre-researched story with a little bit of late-breaking updates.

I don't feel right saying which media outlet it is but just say it's a very popular online site. They were fully aware of the controversy and wanted to give it coverage along with the "winners."

Kevin Langdon said...

SSB has acted to isolate us from one another by removing the blog.

I have copies of all the blogs started since the announcement of the 21 "finalists." I'll be happy to make them available to any of you.

It is very important that as many of us as possible contact the media to let them know about the violation of the contest rules by SEIU and the selection of ideas that accord closely with its political agenda over original and practical solutions to real problems.

There is also a Yahoo! Group for discussion of action against SEIU. To join the group write to me, go to

or just send a blank e-mail to:

And there's:

These are the resources available to us for staying in contact with one another and coordinating our efforts to expose this sham contest for what it is.

Kevin Langdon
P.O. Box 795
Berkeley, CA 94701
(510) 524-0345

Anonymous said...

I made a list of links to articles, including DLC articles that related to the 7.
That list is, unfortunately, not available on the SSB website, and I didn't keep a copy.
It might be helpful to any MSM researching the "originality" of the winners.
Did anyone keep a copy?

Cheryl V said...

And the winner is.....

The one that most closely matched the State of the Union Address, sustainable resources.

skids said...

Well, I wouldn't say that matched the SOTU, because Bush doesn't believe in America manufacturing stuff. His idea for progress is to throw he scientists a bone and meanwhile give subsidies to large oil companies to build facilities that they own and charge other people for the use of.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen any MSM coverage?

skids said...

I found their press release which has gotten out on the wire but no takers as far as I can tell from Google News. The online publication I interviewed for has not published their article yet.

SEIU's press release.

Cheryl V said...

CNN has a blurb buried on the science section of their web site.

Wired mentions that not everyone is happy with the results. They also give a link to the alternate voting site.

That's all I've seen.

Art N. said...

I checked and my ideas are still in the archives.I've been collecting the addresses of the judges, to see if there's some interest here in requesting that "70" idea pool (I'm not sure they were given 70) released by one or more of the judges.
Or, I could just submit my own ideas to them to get their reactions.
I note that all 3 "winning" ideas would require new taxes and/or more likely-reduction in services elsewhere to fund them. Several of my ideas would utilize what we have NOW, making everyone more productive. My best idea, (I think) would require workers to contribute more towards health care, and less to social security, which is anaethema to unions, which have a point in that benefits are as fungible as wages. However, the effect would be to expand health coverage, hold wages down, and make American businesses more competitive.

Anonymous said...

Looks like SEIU BOUGHT some space in the newspaper, and has posted it on the SSB website, implying that USA Today ran a story about the winners.
If there is another place that former SSB bloggers are posting, then where?
Not to fault this site. It is as good as any. But the posts should be congregated to accomplish as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Just watched teh announcement on SSB website.
THey seemed to be really selling this as nothing but a postive reaction by the "online" community.
The unreality of this is reflective of national politics, isn't it?

john Ashman said...

I've been waiting for Marilynn to say something really mean about SSB so I can agree with her.

I am ashamed to say it, but when I got the e-mail saying they'd picked a winner, I hit reply and said "fuck you". 8^0

skids said...

Ah, cool the wired article is out. But uncool, though tons of people browsed to the first page of the voting, not many clicked through and filed ballots. Lurkers. Oh well, what can be done.

Anonymous said...

So and where is everybody? I thought that with the SSB blogs down, action would pickup here. Anyway MSN news search lists a couple of good articles out of Seattle... I mean good from a legal standpoint as they are still perpetrating the deception and lies. The articles even mentioned the celebrity judges-- and some quotes as if they actually reviewed a real sampling of the ideas submitted.

Anonymous said...

What is happening on the alternative voting site? Does anybody have teh URL?

skids said...

Things are really dead all over tonight. Must be people getting humpday blues from working their two low-wage jobs in the new economy.

The alternate voting site is here:

Personally I'm wondering why Kevin's so quiet in particular...

Richard Yarnell said...

I think it might be effective if no one, I mean no one, helped them sift the 22K "ideas" they missed.

But then, that might be considered cutting of one's nose to spite one's face.

I've written to them reasserting my recision of any permission they think they have to use my contributions. My theory remains that the permission was sought to use the idea within the contest and provided that it became a finalist or winner.

I'll shortly post two of them for consideration under energy and transportation.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed any widespread MSM interest in the "contest"? It seems to have gone mostly unnoticed.

Richard Yarnell said...


I took this message to get the attention of SEIU


"Thanks for your inquiry. We have received your request, and your
ideas have been withdrawn and no longer appear on the site.

"Thanks again,

internet team //
On 2/1/06, wrote:

> If I were a member, I'd have you recalled.
> Original? Humbug!
> Maybe the AFL/CIO is fortunate to be rid of you. You seem to share
> something
> with the shrub: Define a great idea and then bungle the pursuit of it
> or just let
> it die for inattention.
> Humbug!
> And, by the way, you've already been notified that you have no right
> whatsoever
> to use any of my submissions. I'd appreciate confirmation.
> ry

Richard Yarnell said...

Actually, Emily lied. All they did was to remove the index of my "ideas," leaving the list of those things I'd reviewed.

When I put a specific idea number into the address, I was still able to access what I'd written.

Caveat emptor!

Marilynn M said...

Yes, I'm sure they wanted rid of the blogs. I couldn't believe they left them as long as they did. I we had thought to put up this blog sooner, I would like to have more of us. Maybe we will get another chance. I'm trying to find time to go get my ideas and others that have merit and bring them over.

Anonymous said...

The SSB debacle was a great thing, in a way. It proved that the voices of outrage were heard, at least in some sense. Even if the "contest" went forward, there has been bascially no MSM coverage, and the "ceremony" looked like it was held in a private hall, with a few folks from the local to supply to the applause. (I don't know if there was another "ceremony" I watched one on the SSB site.)

skids said...

Ha. Their media coverage has been so abysmal they were forced to take out an Advertisement in USA Today and are pretending it's coverage on the website.


I wonder at what point they'll realize that good ideas sell themselves, and the reason they have to sell the "winners" so hard is because they aren't especially good ideas.

Judy B. said...

This is the form letter I recieved from Since Sliced Bread

Dear Judy,

Tens of thousands of you submitted ideas. Even more of you cast your vote for the winning ideas. What next?

At, we've proven that ordinary Americans have incredible ideas. Now it's time to start work on making them a reality. The first step is easy: with our online tool, you can send your favorite finalist ideas directly to your elected officials. has been an incredible journey, but it can't stop here. Together, we chose these ideas, and together, we can begin to make them a reality. We might not be traditional DC lobbyists, but there are a lot more of us than there are of them. Just choose the ideas you want to see in your community, and with a few clicks you can send them to decisionmakers.

Your emails won't be the only place that elected officials hear about the winning ideas. During the contest, we sent some unusual packages to Congress: sandwich bags with slices of bread and copies of the Parade magazine article about SinceSlicedBread. We wanted to make sure that they knew about your ideas, and we're not slowing down anytime soon. But your personal note to your elected official will make a real difference.

Thanks for your continued support--we will keep you posted on what's next!

Terrance Heath,

P.S. Listen to what some of the judges and supporters had to say about SSB and the winners when we caught up with them at the Feb 1 awards ceremony:

Marilynn M said...

Did any of you get the Tag Your It letter?

I sent a reply.

Thanks anyway, I'm just not interested. I think the contest was a huge farce. I don't want to be involved in any way. By participating in this extension I would be giving this a dignity it doesn't deserve. This might as well have been put on by George Bush, it couldn't have been anymore dishonest.

Marilynn Murray

dan said...

Marilynn, I also got the "Tag" letter. I'm just not going to invest anymore time at that site.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the results or heard about the status of teh "people's vote" over at

skids said...

Yeah got the tag letter. SSB blog is back up and awaiting your flames :-)

Sorry about the delay in results. I got a little... erm ... distracted on that weekend (in a good way) and just haven't thought to get back to it.

Marilynn M said...

SSB wrote back.

Dear Marilynn,

Thank you for taking the time to send us your thoughts and opinions
on the Contest.

We've noted your comments and will incorporate your feedback into our
everyday discussions and longer-term planning, along with the other
ideas that we receive.

Again, thanks for participating,


handmaid said...

Thanks Deb, for your redirect and hard work on keeping this's Louisiana Annie, the sore loser.

Sooooo, when WILL they start developing the flexfuel plants and growing GMO cane/ethanol sources here in the Gulf States? And saving the auto industry and resurrecting the Southern Black Belt...providing living wage jobs, rebuilding the hurricane zone...becoming an example once again for the world...? Nah, that's too much like rational, economically viable planning, providing benefits and rebirth for FAR tooooo many Americans.

Why wasn't an idea like this supported by an (alleged) Labor organization-unionized, for God's sake? If not now, when? After the LAST living wage job is gone, AFTER 100 million are without healthcare, AFTER 5 more years of declining wages for those fortunate enough to still have a decent job?

If not now, when?

Anne Gabriel
Praying for Amerika
Remembering ALL the War Dead
Keeping the Faith
...Imagining what $700 billion over the last five years could've done for Amerika's homeland security, education programs, retraining for displaced workers, universal basic health maintenance benefits...(figure based on the decimation of the progressive tax base and the PNAC occupation of the Middle East)

deb said...

Hi Annie and welcome to our small but intelligent, insightful, dedicated and eclectic group. Thanks for your post. I can see that you fit right in;)

You might want to click on some of the links in the previous posts. We have all (I think) gotten such an education about the government, country and the world since we've been sharing info with each other.

Wanted to let you know that it was Marilynn from Texas and her grandaughter Karen that set up the blog.

Judy B. said...

Annie.. don't know what day you posted, but hope you will stay around...
I agree completely with how we couod have spent the money to make Ameerica freer, safer, more educated and healthier...
Keep talking...