Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Reply to Andy Stern, SEIU President.

I'm in the italics.

Dear member,

Have you been to lately? SEIU's search for new ideas to improve the lives of everyday working Americans has been pretty phenomenal, receiving attention everwhere from CNN to Newsday to Parade Magazine. What started as a contest really has become a national conversation with more than 22,000 ideas submitted, including many from members.

Yesterday SEIU announced the 21 finalists -- innovative ideas that address healthcare, education, retirement, minimum wage, taxes, energy, home ownership, civil service and many other bread-and-butter issues for ALL of us -- and the American people are voting on the very best ideas SinceSlicedBread. Read the 21 finalist ideas, and cast your ballot for three of them now:

They were old crappy ideas that didn't adhere to the criteria or rules of the contest. Many had been posted earlier by other contestants. This was a farce. I'm not voting in protest. It would add relevance to a fraud. Many of us put a lot of effort into this and to have it end with 21 lame already been done ideas is an insult.

We at SEIU have always had faith in ordinary Americans having the best ideas. Most Americans wish there were a place for civil discourse in today's polarized world. I am so proud that has helped fill that need.

The discourse is no longer civil. People are angry. You should be ashamed.

Here's how voting works: When you visit, you can cast your ballot for three ideas. Round One voting will continue until Sunday January 15 at 11.59 pm EST. At that point, fourteen ideas will be eliminated, leaving the top seven vote getters to compete in Round Two for the cash prizes.

I'm curious who's Brother-in Law is going to win?

As a member of, you're already working to improve the lives of working Americans. Let's all join the national dialogue by voting today at and helping find the best new ideas since sliced bread.

You can kiss my fanny. I have been pro union all my life. I'm embarrassed by what you have either done or allowed to be done. This travesty is a black eye on the face of labor.

Thanks for participating!


Andy Stern, SEIU President


mylocator said...

This contest is status quo bull.

There is only hope outside the box.

For all you dismayed contestants dont give up hope.

The Power is on your KeyBoard.

The Internet and social networking will restore America.

The people are hungry and Need a shelter they can Trust.

No one trusts the status quo unions and there inside the beltway ways.

Jan 31 will be's 6th birthday. I purchased these domains in 2000 when I was busting my BRAINS trying to create a place the american working class could call home. Internet was out for FOUR YEARS AND NO ONE GOT THE NAME. It was obvious that no one was in search of a NAME THAT COULD BEST REPRESENT AMERICAS WORKING CLASS.


Wake up and stop wasting time. Create a blog site for the union and public. I kinda think the Seiu and all the other unions are afraid of all the skeletons that might come out. There is only Trust with Disclosure.

My idea LOCALUNION.COM AMERICAS HEART AND SOUL said it all. will forever be ready to handle the masses and allow them to truly have a voice.

Strategic Collective Bargaining combined with the social networking capabilities of the Internet is the Answer.

God Bless America and Thank God for Technology.

Americas Heart and Soul Website

When are the Unions going to Make History instead of watching it go down the drain.

Richard Yarnell said...

I posted my response to "Emily" from the SSB team under SSB contest.

Anyone know whether there's a toggle to turn on a flag to show when and where new posts we haven't seen show up?


deb said...

Just ignore me I'm learning the link thing!!!

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deb said...

Here is the way to create a link to yahoo (A href="")Yahoo(/A)

The ONLY space is between the A and href.

Now, substitute < for each ( and > for each ) and it will show up on the thread as Yahoo in blue that links.

Be sure to put in the quotation marks.

Good luck:)

deb said...

Glad peeked down here, I had missed that Molly, liked the Slate cartoons and Bruce Morton hit a bullseye with the deficit.

dan said...

I got lucky picking those links. I was mainly just practicing making links, and picked those with only a brief scan. I read them this morning and also thought they were good so I reposted them on other threads.

A couple days ago I stumbled on my blog page and found a log of some of my early failed attempts at making links. I deleted all of them. I'm wondering if they were causing me problems since I'm now able to make links easily using the same method you showed me earlier. Regardless, I'm glad to shed that frustration.

I think I'll delete a few things since I've reposted them.