Thursday, January 26, 2006

Insult Blog

Be as mean as you want


Anonymous said...

Who or What are we supposed to be insulting? Can the moron that developed this site start an insulting blog so we have something to insult?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well I guess the stupidity has transferred from the bread to the crumbs. How long do you think it will take all those useless idiots over at bread to figure out Jason b. and jennifer P. are somehow related? They ( Jason b. and jennifer P.) always seem to disappear and reappear at or about the same time and never post at or about the same time.
Oh well, I guess this insult blog is pretty useless, helloooo, anyone else here? Insults going on!
anybody want to insult me back?
Guess not.

Continue convincing yourselves you are changing the world, news for u, you are not changing JACK! NOONE CARES!
Damn I feel better. The moron that created this site is a damn genius.

mylocator said...

I think this is a cool place and website. Good Work.

dnavidson said...

Our Libertarian friend John must need to pay women to "date" him. Sometimes he reminds me of a mosquito - and other times he reminds me of a house fly and its larvae.

dan said...

Here's Deb's "links" instuction (copied without permission, sorry Deb)

deb said...
Here is the way to create a link to yahoo (A href="")Yahoo(/A)

The ONLY space is between the A and href.

Now, substitute < for each ( and > for each ) and it will show up on the thread as Yahoo in blue that links.

Be sure to put in the quotation marks.

Good luck:)